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Maple Lawn Endodontics

Fulton, MD

Our Mission - Quality Endodontic Treatment

Our Mission is simple: to provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available anywhere.

Dr. Vandana Saidha and her team are committed to excellence and your dental health is our primary concern. Our goal is to make your time in our office comfortable and pleasant while providing the best endodontic care possible.  We look forward to meeting and treating you!

root canal practice
Root Canal Specialists in Fulton, MD

Maple Lawn Endodontics is the premier practice in Fulton, Maryland providing quality root canal treatment.

We provide the highest standard of professional care in a friendly, comfortable environment. Our office utilizes latest technology including DOM (Dental Operating Micrscope), Digital radiograpghy and state of the art Sterilization equipment.

By referring you to our office, your dentist has shown their concern that you receive the finest endodontic care possible. Our goal is to provide unsurpassed quality in a compassionate environment of professionalism and clinical excellence. We hope to exceed your expectations

We work with your referring dentist as part of a team to provide the highest level of endodontic care in a gentle, caring manner with no to minimum discomfort.



Cone Beam CT

The CT scan provides an advanced 3D image which allows us to better visualize your tooth and the surrounding structures. This is technology that was not possible with previous radiographs.  As a component of treatment planning for a root canal procedure, three dimensional images can be particularly helpful.  A cone beam computerized tomography scan (CBCT) can produce such images, allowing us to better prepare for the procedure, which may be more predictable when this technology is available.  These images are tremendously valuable because they offer a more lifelike view than a traditional two-dimensional x-ray does.  They can provide a more accurate depiction of the structures of the teeth, including the root canal chambers in the tooth's interior. We can use these pictures to determine if there's anything unusual or unexpected about these structures.  With advance knowledge of the root canal's structure, we may be able to complete the procedure more efficiently.  It is extremely helpful in diagnosis, retreatment of failing root canals, cracked teeth, multi-canal teeth, dental trauma and other dental concerns.


I just returned home from a root canal performed by Dr. Vandana Saidha, and I want to thank you and the dental assistant and the receptionist for you masterful and effective care.  I an no fan of pain, and have experienced some at a recent dental visit at a different practice.  The experience filled me with trepidation and dread in having to have this root canal performed.  However i knew i had to have this done and was ready to "bite the bullet" and endure the agony.  much to my surprise and delight, the procedure was performed with no pain after you carefully eased my fears and anxiety.  it went exactly as you promised and i was very happy to hear you dental assistant say when it was over: "i  told you so".  From the minute i walked in until the minute i left, i was treated to a pleasant and professional work environment.  it was a joy to hear the mutual respect among the three of you.  you service today was as exceptional as it was pain free.  i literally almost fell asleep during the procedure due to the ease and comfort you provided.  i will highly recommend you to anyone seeking endodontics.  thank you

Tim Trimble

Thank you for the great service and care provided when I recently received a root canal on a troublesome tooth: efficient online pre-registration, friendly and courteous processing at the office, expert care with the latest technology, and most appreciated was being  informed of potential scenarios before and continual updates during the procedure.  From someone who does not necessarily look forward to visiting an office like yours - thanks for great service!


 I had a root canal the afternoon of the 20th. I have some soreness but I would expect that.Thank you very much for the exceedingly painless procedure, I was very surprised. Great needle work!

Dana Ely


The staff was amazing!  I had a last minute call and walk in on a friday an dthey treated me like a good friend who was always welcome and even stayed late  fo me.   The root canal was so smooth and the staff mad eme relax and not stres.  I would go back here and have suggested them to frinds and family.  Great practice and staff!


From the receptionist to the dentist were all very professional and sweet.  They made me very comfortable throughout the proceedure.  Helen

I found the office pleasant to work with and Dr. Saidha was very clear and careful in her explanations and her work.  I was frightened about the procedure because it was my first.  She was empathetic, supportive, and her pain management approach during the procedure was excellent.  My recovery has been smooth and shorter than I anticipated.  I highly recommend her.  Rebecca

Dr. Saidha does fantastic work!  She make the trip to the dentist quick, easy, and painless.  I highly recommend her!  Michael

This was by far the best dental care I have ever experienced.  Aside from the unavoidable pain from my tooth, it was a painless process.  I was seen almost immediately for my problem.  ALL of the staff were kind and professional.  They really cared about my well being, I wasnt just a dollar sign.  The office was modern, very clean, and relaxing.  I highly recommend this practice.  Marilyn